Does Your Medicare Plan Cover Chiropractic Care or Physical Therapy?

Does Your Medicare Plan Cover Chiropractic Care or Physical Therapy?

Does Your Medicare Plan Cover Chiropractic Care or Physical Therapy in Edina MN?

The simple answer?

For chiropractic and physical therapy, Medicare covers 24 visits a year for each.

The more complex and real answer?

It depends. Medicare plans are complicated and no two are alike.

Just Medicare

If you have straight Medicare, chiropractic and physical therapy services are reimbursed at 80% of the allowable fees with the patient being responsible for the other 20%. Straight Medicare also has a deductible each year, and that deductible is the patient's responsibility.

Medicare + Secondary Insurance

Some people will have Medicare and a secondary insurance as well (like BCBS or UCare). In this instance, the secondary actually picks up the 20% that Medicare doesn’t cover and also pays the deductible.

Medicare Advantage Plans

There are also Medicare Advantage plans. These are generally a bit cheaper, but the patient is also responsible for a little higher co-pay for services. An Advantage plan is basically another insurance company acting as Medicare. So coverage is generally the same, but the patient will have a copay for each service.

In general, Medicare and other plans typically cover: chiropractic manipulation, electrical stimulation, ultrasound therapy, neuromuscular re-education, manual muscle work, therapeutic exercise, and more.

Romanie Health and Insurance

Our team at Romanie Health Services is well-versed in the complex world of Medicare and insurance. No matter if you have Medicare or not, we’ll figure out a game plan to get you moving well again that fits financially with your insurance type. Owner, founder, and chiropractor Matt Romanie verifies insurance and figures out what you have, what it will cover, and what it won’t. With Medicare it gets a little more complicated but we will make it as simple as possible. No matter what insurance you use, we’re always transparent with the costs.

Don’t Assume. Call Us.

Don’t assume your insurance will cover everything. Before you schedule a million appointments, give us a call. We’ll set you on the right path, financially and physically. To provide the best service to our clients, understanding insurance types is necessary. We pride ourselves on helping you across both fronts.

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