Fix The Problem. Fix The Pain. Romanie Health Services and the Pain Puzzle.

Fix the Problem. Fix the Pain. Romanie Health Services and the Pain Puzzle.

Chiropractic Edina MN Pain Puzzle

Are you interested in chiropractic care or physical therapy because you want to eradicate your pain?

The cold hard truth? Pain is not the problem. It’s the symptom of the problem.

Our job at Romanie Health Services is to be investigators. We aim to figure out what is causing the pain and make a plan to fix it — sometimes that’s working with us and sometimes that’s seeing a different specialist. No matter what, we recommend what’s best for you.

Treating Pain vs. Solving Pain

Treating pain doesn't solve pain. Medications and ointments are only short-term solutions. They aren’t necessarily helpful as a long-term resolution to issues. Our team works hard to find the root of the problem and recommend ways to absolve it.

Pain has purpose. It is your body telling you that something isn’t right. A lower back problem can manifest as leg pain or sciatica. A lower back issue could even manifest as digestive issues. Neck and shoulder problems could manifest as numbness and tingling in the arm and/or hand. Our job isn’t to treat the pain but to discover the cause of the pain. Using our extensive knowledge of the body, we puzzle out what is causing your soreness and aches.

Now this doesn’t mean that the chiropractor and/or physical therapist couldn’t or wouldn’t help you address the pain as well – we want you to be comfortable. Pain can impact every facet of one's life.

Patient Stories

We had a patient, who was an airplane mechanic, come in with shoulder and neck pain. He had a workplace accident where he fell from a plane. He, of course, sought medical attention. The doctors told him he had only suffered a strain. But after two years of consistent pain, progressive hearing loss, with no improvement and no answers from his doctors, he decided to seek another opinion. That’s when he found us. After a full exam, we decided the best course of action was to order imaging to get a full picture of what was really going on. Our xrays showed lots of work needed to be done to get the spine back in shape – it was 13 centimeters off from normal alignment. With aggressive muscle work and strengthening, we got that down to 3 centimeters. His pain has been greatly reduced and his hearing has vastly improved. It’s all connected.

Don’t Delay Visiting Us

The body is so interconnected. Pain in one area can mean an issue in a very different part of the body. Regardless of your pain level, it’s important to be seen. Most of the time, pain indicates a fixable issue but sometimes it can be a warning of something dire. We’ve had clients come in and send them straight to the hospital. Other times, it’s a simple fix. You just don’t know. This is why it's important to have a professional help assess your complaints and issues – the root of that problem may not be where you are feeling the pain. Chiropractor and physical therapist are experts on the connections within the human body. We are trained and practice looking at our patients as a whole person, not simply focusing on a single symptom for short-term relief. We find answers!

The bottom line: Make sure you talk with a professional because pain truly can be a vicious cycle.
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