Edina MN Frequently Asked Insurance Questions

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Hidden Insurance landmines you need to know about

  • Just because your plan says they cover something does not guarantee that they actually do.
  • Your plan may have hidden pre-authorization or limits on the number of visits or services to the Edina MN chiropractor that are not listed in your benefits.
  • This information is not in your plan, it is a network participation restriction/requirement on the provider.

Frequently asked billing questions in Edina MN

When do I pay the co-payment and/or deductible?

Your co-payment and/or deductible is due at the time of service. If you are uncertain of your co-pay and/or deductible requirements, please look at your insurance card or contact your insurance company. We also do complimentary insurance verifications. Call us at (952) 835-6653. Payment plans can be arranged as needed.

Health coverage changes?

Benefits and coverage can change every year. It is not unusual for healthcare coverage to have a deductible or out-of-pocket expense. Since each plan can be different, we encourage you to review your benefits with your insurance company or call us at (952) 835-6653.

I was in an accident. Who is responsible to pay my bill?

If you are involved in an automobile accident or hurt at work, the insurance company contracted to cover the owner of the automobile or business is responsible to pay your medical bills. For more information on this simply give us a call at (952) 835-6653.

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